“keeping vintage in the hands and hearts of
those who love it even more than we do"

 - las tres          

...quirky little shop specializing in secondhand coolness via some of the most amazing vintage clothing and accessories

...also carrying an ever-changing inentory of vintage and retro pieces of the past, including small furniture, home decoratives, kitchenware and a plethora of collectible smalls

...a perfect place to start or add to a collection, shop for the odd yet fun unique gift, or just be serendipitous

...still Altoona Pennsylvania's only little shop specializing in affordable vintage clothing, antiques and collectibles

...three floors and so many stories

...please "shop buy" soon!!!

...take a look at the ...mad lion gallery introduction video, to the left.

...also, be sure to visit our Etsy store by clicking one of the featured products, below.

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